Fifth and Sixth Grade

The school day begins with the children working independently on spelling or handwriting for the first 15 minutes of class.  During this time attendance and lunch orders are taken.  We move right into worship, TAG time, and Bible class.  TAG means, Time Alone with God.  This is a personal journal/prayer time where everyone writes, prays, and reads the bible at their desk.  Bible class is done cooperatively, working in varied size groups.  Every Tuesday the pastor conducts Bible studies in our room, and each Wednesday we attend Joint Worship with the entire school where each classroom organizes and leads out the program twice a year for an entire month.

Combining the 5th and 6th grades means some subjects are done separately, while others are done on a rotation every two years.  Some of the rotating classes include: Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Bible.

I encourage self-reliance, independent thinking and a life time of learning.  Jesus’ rule - “As ye would that men should do to you, do also to them likewise” (Luke 6:31) is the basis of my classroom management style.  I strive to inspire the desire to learn more and work well with others; helping lead young people to be servants of God and friends to mankind.