Third and Fourth Grade

Our day begins with worship. I believe that everyday should start with God. During worship we journal, sing, or talk about the worship topic for that day. It is my goal during worship to make Christ real for my students.

Next we move onto our subjects:  Bible, language arts, math, history, and science. I like make learning come a live through lots of hands on activities. I also like to give students the opportunity to explore topics through projects. I feel student do the best learning when they make it their own.  I look forward every day to seeing the light bulb go off over my student’s head.

To have a happy classroom and perfect learning environment you have to have rules, consequences, and a routine. My students will know what is expected of them, and what will happen if they don’t meet those expectations. We will spend the first weeks of school discussing these things.

It is one of my goals to help my students to become life-long learners. I will do this by showing them new ways of looking at things. It is also one of my goals to teach my students to serve as Christ served. I will do this by taking my students on two outreach trips a month.