Pre-Kindergarten options:
2 day (Tuesday, Thursday)
3 day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
5 day (Monday-Friday)


Classroom Information

Our pre-kindergarten offers a transitional experience that extends the home and early childhood activities into the elementary school.  It is a flexible program which considers the developmental stages of children, as well as their individual differences.

Our primary goal is that of helping children become acquainted with God through a combined study of nature and the Scriptures.  Through this program children are stimulated physically, spiritually, intellectually, and socially.

While play and socialization are key elements of our program, the children are also introduced to more "formal learning" than in preschool or child care.  Class work will be executed in a more organized and independent manner.

In our Christ-centered environment young learners can develop self-confidence, cooperation skills, a natural love for learning, and a personal relationship with God.