About Us 

Highland Elementary is accredited by both the National Council for Private School Accreditation and the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

Mission Statement
It is our mission to provide opportunities for students to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, to allow the Holy Spirit to transform their lives, and to fulfill the gospel commission to serve. 

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy of education is to meet the needs of the whole child through a balance of Christian character development and quality academics.  Highland Elementary School presents a program of God-centered instruction that is results-oriented and provided in an environment that nurtures.  This program is aligned with national and denominational standards and accomplished through the team effort of the school, home, and church.

Our History
Highland Elementary has a rich history in Sumner County.  Highland began in 1907 as the Fountain Head Rural Industrial School.  It was chartered to teach "the rudiments of education, the science of agriculture, trades, and the Word of God."  From this humble beginning the school has grown from one teacher to five full time teachers and three part time teachers.






Continue Your Education at our high school Highland Academy.