Third and Fourth Grade

A Day in Our Classroom

Our school day begins with worship and Bible class.  Our Bible program is rightfully named Encounter.  Our hope and prayer is that each student encounters their Savior throughout the school year. The students look forward to participating in our all school worship assembly on Wednesdays.  Our class also looks forward to our weekly visits from our classroom chaplains.

  Our Into Math classes are a combination of small groups, use of manipulatives, assessments, and the famous bar-models.  I particularly like the way this program helps children build their number awareness.

Communication is the key to life. Our language arts program is called Pathways. It is cross-curricular program built in themes.  The themes are: Heroes, My World & Others, Living Things, Walking with God, Friends and Family, The Environment, Personal Feelings and Growth, and Social Issues and Culture, and Yesterday.  Using these themes allows us to teach our children balanced approach to reading and writing.  It is our goal for our students to be able to effectively learn and communicate with the world around them.

Our faith-based inquiry science program is called By Design.  The premise of our curriculum is that our world was created by “design” from the very hands of our Creator. This subject lends itself to learning from investigating, conducting experiments, and asking questions.

Students learn about our past, present, and future during social studies.  How we view our world deeply impacts how we live out our lives.  It is important that students study the past, learn from those that went before us and take that knowledge to better our today and tomorrow.

At the end of the day we encourage our students to take responsibility for their work space, supplies, and behavior.  At Highland Elementary we believe that if children grow in all areas of life, they will ultimately live fulfilling lives of service toward their God and mankind.