What are the most important reasons for the score you gave the school?

1. It was based on my experience of the last 9 or 10 years that I have had a child in this school. 2. The care and dedication of the faculty and staff. 3. My child is thriving and loves school and it is because of his teachers. 4. A school that is founded on and teaches the Bible.

Please describe in your own words, your experience with our school.

1. I have had one child go through Kindergarten-eighth grade and I would do it all over again. 2. Welcoming and Christlike leaders, love the dedication! 3. This school is a blessing to our family.

What did we do really well?

1. Communicate and academics along with safety as well as Christian atmosphere. 2. You care deeply and work hard to help the children succeed. 3. Provide a safe place-not only safe from dangers, but what has impressed me is that it is an emotionally safe place! The kids are supportive of each other!