First and Second Grade

Our school day begins with worship and Bible class.  We sing, pray, and share with each other.  The students love our Encounter Bible program.  The hands on activities and Bible study help them to accept Jesus with their heart and their mind.  On Wednesday we have worship with the entire school.  Friday is our favorite day because our classroom chaplains visit our room.

For Math class we are using Singapore Math.  Students meet with the teacher in small groups, experiment with manipulatives, complete assignments, practice math facts, play math games, and participate in timed math-fact quizzes.

Our language arts program is called Pathways.  Pathways is published by Kendal/Hunt and is based on the latest research in the field of literacy.  The program is a balanced approach to reading within cross-curricular themes.  Students participate in read alouds, shared readings, guided reading, comprehension strategies, reader’s workshop, home reading, word study strategies, and spelling.
English class is a part of the Pathways program.  We have writer’s workshop when students write sentences, stories, letters, and research papers.  We also learn parts of speech, discover the teacher’s “errors” during daily oral language and participate in learning games.

Students experience working cooperatively during Social Studies.  They are given an opportunity to learn about the world around them.

In science class time is given for investigating, conducting experiments, and asking questions.  We us By Design Science which uses inquiry based learning. Science is taught from a creationist perspective.  We sometimes take field trips to places like the zoo to further supplement our learning.

We end our day with chores, to help teach responsibility.  Students who have completed their class work are rewarded.  The students recite a treasure verse and end the day with prayer.