Meet the Teachers

All of our classroom teachers are certified.

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Mr. Pacer, M.A.E.

Mrs. Riggs
Office Manager

No Photo Available

Mrs. Preston, C.P.A.

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Dr. Beckworth, Ph.D.
School Board Chairman

Mrs. Shoemaker, B.S.
Pre-K & Kindergarten

Mr. Pacer, M.A.E.
Grades 1-2 (morning)

Mrs. Serrano, B.S.
Grades 1-2/Spanish

Mrs. Guffey, B.S.
Grades 3-4

Mrs. Groft, B.S.
Grades 5-6

Mrs. Drusky, M.A.
Grades 7-8


No Photo available

Mrs. Crutcher

Mr. Flores, M.A.
Band Grades 5-8

Mr. Williams, B.S.
Pyscial Education

Mrs. Novak, M.A.
Expressways to Learning

Mrs. Beckworth, B.S.

No Photo available

Mrs. Sherman, B.A.
Hot Lunch